Cement Render

    • A pre-mix of sand and cement applied to surface with a flat, smooth finish.
    • Can be painted, textured or colour
    • Improves the appearance and weather resistance of the block, brick or concrete structure.
    • Used for internal and external walls

Acrylic Render

    • Acrylic (type of plastic) is used in render to make it stronger and more flexible than traditional render.
    • The acrylic fibres enhance flexibility and bonding strength which will prevent cracks.
    • Can be applied to cement sheeting, concrete, brick, cladding and blueboard.
    • Texture colour can be added to the mixture for a natural look or can be painted after drying.
    • It is water and UV rays resistant.
    • Comes in a variety of finishes such as stone, marble, sandstone, and clay.
    • Best Rockcote Acrylic Render Used for internal and external walls.

Texture Coating / Granosite Render

    • A flexible acrylic based coating with your choice of natural coloured texture finish.
    • Makes walls resistant to varied weather and environmental conditions
    • Helps cover cracks in walls which makes it ideal for sea-side structures
    • Can be applied to blueboard, rendered walls, polystyrene, brick, block, concrete.
    • Comes in a variety of finishes.
    • Used for external walls and home interior and exterior rendering

Polymer Render

    • Designed to adhere extremely well to all surfaces especially those where other render types have failed, e.g. Painted walls.
    • Prevents cracks due to its enhanced flexibility and weatherproof capacity
    • Specifically designed to bond extremely well to all surfaces including previously painted walls, clay, cement, brick, block, concrete, fibre, cement sheeting, expanded polystyrene, plasterboard, wet plastering or anywhere else traditional render will fail.
    • For external walls.

Pool render & repair (including pebblecrete)

    • We render and repair swimming pool using different materials based on your needs in Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong.